Hi! I’m Ally.

Some might call me a “digital native” or “Internet geek,” but I prefer social, community, and content specialist. I am a marketing professional with experience in the digital space and am obsessed with learning about new and exciting ways to connect people with one another via mutual interests.

Along with a formal education in traditional marketing, I’ve viewed my hands-on experience leading community, social media, customer support, and content marketing at an Internet startup as a continuous learning experience. Being able to identify and analyze new trends, strategies, and ideologies in the digital space is among my top priorities. Whether it be strategizing the next move in the social marketing, community management, or online branding space or gaining a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, business development and networking, I’m always up for a great conversation and can be guaranteed to be taking notes and planning my next project in the process.

As a content and social strategist, my main priorities are understanding specific audiences and what makes them react. Digital communications are an important part of brand and community building, but mean nothing if they are not valuable in the eyes of an audience. I’ve gained many insights into how to discern and cater to the wants and needs of different types of digital audiences with data, informational and pragmatic content while simultaneously maintaining an engaging brand personality.

As a community manager, I’m a firm believer in the power of connecting with others through shared passions, whether they are for a subject, a brand, or even a product. I also operate upon the assertion that a community is a brand’s most valuable asset and without a community of users and/or customers, said brand would cease to exist.

At the end of the day, though, it’s all about implementing this knowledge and accomplishing results that are in line with business goals.

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